Mark Struthers CFP®, CFA


Mark first developed an interest in financial planning and investing because of his own student loan debt. Any amount of aviation debt seems worth it when you are 19 and grew up watching Top Gun.

Like many, he initially planned a career as a financial advisor. He was not in the industry long before he realized most clients were not given real advice, but were most often sold products. The Wall Street culture may make for a good movie, but not for an ethical career.

Determined to create a different experience for his clients, he shifted his focus to the trading and investing side of the business. Initially, he obtained the Series 4, 6,7,24, and 63 while working on different trading desks. He then turned more of his focus to the investing of the business obtaining the Chartered Financial Analyst, or CFA, designation and a job in institutional asset management.

After his second child was born, Mark took the opportunity to combine his investing knowledge, his desire to work with retail clients, and work closer to home. He quickly saw that he could not truly help clients unless he combined financial planning with asset management; as a result, he obtained the CFP®.

Mark will use his 19 years of financial services experience, his education, and the freedom of being a fiduciary, to build comprehensive financial plans and portfolios specifically suited for your financial situation.


Our Minnesota values are reflected in our transparent, client-first philosophy (fiduciary). Our top priority is acting in your best interest. It’s your money— you deserve nothing less!


  • Participate in revenue sharing
  • Sell insurance products
  • Sell proprietary products or services
  • Does not have “special relationships” with mutual fund or insurance companies
  • Take any commission-like fee
  • Is not “dual-registered”


  • Use a third-party custodian
  • Using a third-party provides transparency and instills trust in our asset management relationships. It also gives you more freedom if you decide to leave Sona (although we know it will never happen). We don’t trap you in our system by charging fees, dragging our feet and making it difficult for you to leave (like Hotel California – if you are old enough to know that reference 🙂 )
  • A member of the National Association of Personal Financial Planners, or NAPFA.
    Mark will care for your family’s financial well-being the way he does his own. Mark is a real fiduciary and not just in name only. Mark is proud to practice his Minnesota Midwestern values every day!